Lawyer Monthly - ADR Awards 2023

16 LAWYER MONTHLY ADR AWARDS 2023 Mediation Expert of the Year communication channels for customers, resolve the crisis for enterprises and reduce liability risks. It is necessary to gather lawyers with rich experiences in the diversified fields of labor law, corporate law, administrative law, criminal law, customs, and tax law, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, and to have these lawyers be intimately familiar with the client’s enterprise and its operation and management. It is also necessary that the legal team be able to prepare and summarize the normative legal documents in real-time so that risk points can be revealed to the managers of the enterprise and specific plans and measures should be formulated to prevent risks. Accordingly, there is a specialized team to cooperate with the functional departments of the enterprise to track the implementation of these measures in time and give feedback on the effect of implementation and put forward the countermeasures for modification and upgrading to the enterprise managers. At the same time, the experience of our team in dealing with crisis events and dispute resolution can be used to deal with and resolve relevant events in time, to minimize the loss of legal liability assumed by the enterprise. Ms. Zhang is also a panelist with the Center for Digital Therapeutics Law & Policy of Kangda, established in March 2023, which is an integration of Kangda lawyers’ experiences in health legal services. The goal of the research center is to break through traditional barriers in the field of health while planning “digital therapy” industry legal service projects for local governments, medical, industrial parks, medical institutions, and enterprises. On the shared platform of Beijing Kangda Law Firm headquarters, a more integrated cooperation mechanism provides professional guidance for the development of the medical data industry. Meanwhile, the center focuses on the frontier subject of medical data and the development of the health industry and health market, promoting innovation in scientific research. According to the market orientation and the data orientation, the center’s tasks include the medical data project application, cross-border data security protection, medical data regulation legislation, and organizing relevant forums related to the digital therapy industry. The center also attempts to integrate high-quality resources and form various types of research teams with medical institutions and domestic enterprises, establish effective cooperation mechanisms and platforms in response to the demand of the digital therapy market, and provide legal think-tank services for the development of the healthcare industry. CHINA “Keeping up with the pace of China’s social development, Kangda will, as always, forge ahead and contribute to the rule of law in China.”

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