Lawyer Monthly - ADR Awards 2023

23 LAWYER MONTHLY ADR AWARDS 2023 Arbitrator of the Year CEO Eddid Financial What was it that drew you towards the dispute resolution sector? As a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for over two decades, I recently completed the Master of Buddhist Counselling program at the University of Hong Kong. This program focused on applying Buddhist teachings to counselling and mediation. I have found that incorporating these teachings into my work has been beneficial in resolving conflicts and disputes. As CEO, I understand the importance of problem-solving and conflict resolution skills in the workplace. My experience and education in dispute resolution have allowed me to effectively handle and resolve conflicts in a professional and respectful manner, contributing to a positive work environment and organisational success. What major challenges have you overcome to get where you are today? Navigating cultural differences between western and Chinese business practices in Hong Kong has been a significant challenge. With an increase in Chinese capital, it is crucial to strike a balance between the two cultures. To accomplish this, I developed a deep understanding of both cultures and adapted my leadership style accordingly. Managing conflicts arising from these differences has been equally challenging. Effective dispute resolution skills have been essential in addressing these issues professionally. These challenges have required me to be adaptable, innovative, and to continuously learn and grow as a leader. In doing so, I have developed a valuable skillset that has allowed me to effectively communicate and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. How do you measure your success? In my view, success encompasses more than financial goals and industry recognition. It also involves effectively handling conflicts and disputes in a respectful and professional manner. To measure success based on dispute resolution, I prioritise identifying and resolving conflicts before they escalate and reaching mutually beneficial solutions that are fair to all parties involved. This requires strong communication skills, empathy, and the ability to understand different perspectives. Success, to me, means being a well-respected and ethical leader who fosters a positive work environment and contributes to the well-being of employees and society. It involves continuous learning and growth by staying updated, embracing new challenges, and being receptive to feedback and self-reflection. What does this award mean to you? This award is significant to me as it acknowledges the vital role of dispute resolution skills in the workplace. As a CEO, I believe that effective conflict resolution is crucial for maintaining a positive and productive work environment. This award is also meaningful to other senior management staff who face disputes and conflicts regularly. By acknowledging the value of dispute resolution skills, we can promote a culture of peaceful conflict resolution, foster mutual understanding and respect among employees. HONG KONG Dr Jerry Tse Q Q Q Q

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