Lawyer Monthly - ADR Awards 2023

20 LAWYER MONTHLY ADR AWARDS 2023 Arbitration Counsel of the Year Associate Member Six Pump Court In an evolving legal landscape, it is imperative to glean insights from those at the forefront of their fields. Today, we sit down with Rebecca Andersen of Six Pump Court, a distinguished legal professional who, driven by a profound desire to make a difference, embarked on a journey into law. From the hallways of criminal justice to the nuances of civil law, and now prominently in the ADR sector, Rebecca has witnessed significant transformations – especially as the world grapples with the aftermath of a global pandemic. Rebecca shares her observations, feelings, and invaluable advice for those aspiring to specialise in ADR. What was it that first inspired you to practice law? I was first inspired by a combination of factors. From a young age, I read about how lawyers could use their professional skills to help desperate people and change their lives. How lawyers can help to uphold fairness or vindicate the innocent deeply motivated me. You can hear that I dreamt about being a criminal lawyer when I was fresh from law school. However, fate took me instead to a civil path, but I never looked back as I had many good years, and still counting. Can you share any significant trends you have observed in the ADR sector in the past year? Yes, I observed that the pandemic has enabled virtual ADR proceedings, and people started to believe that dispute resolution can be done remotely. People also showed an increasing interest in expedited arbitration in response to uncertainty brought about by Covid-19, and to enhance efficiency, many technology tools (e.g. AI-powered case management systems, secure digital document exchanges) have been leveraged. ESG considerations are also influencing ADR as parties are more inclined now to seek ADR processes that align with sustainability goals and ethical business practices. SINGAPORE Rebecca Andersen What does this award mean to you? This arbitration award motivates me to continue pursuing excellence in my legal career. It gives me recognition and validation of my abilities and encourages me to embrace further challenges. Ultimately, this award signifies an enduring source of inspiration to uphold the principles of integrity, perseverance, and ethical practice in my legal and arbitration career. Do you have any words of advice for less experienced legal practitioners considering an ADR specialisation? Yes, “B U R N” B - “Business”. As ADR often involves commercial interest, having Business acumen and understanding the financial implications of the dispute is of great importance. U – “Understanding”. Invest time in thoroughly understanding the various ADR methods to make informed decisions on which areas to specialise in. Q Q Q Q

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