ADR Awards 2023

Voting Now Open

Lawyer Monthly ADR Awards 2023

Voting Now Open

Voting is now open for the Lawyer Monthly ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Awards 2023.

Known for being a cost-effective and time-efficient way to resolve disputes, ADR is fast-becoming the default legal remedy by which disputes are settled. Avoiding the court process can be an extremely attractive incentive to those wishing to resolve a dispute and ADR, in its various forms, can be an excellent alternative to stresses, financial and otherwise, that litigating in the courts often bring.

Since 2009, Lawyer Monthly has delivered legal insight for a select corporate readership made up of business leaders, C-Level executives corporate and legal professionals. Lawyer Monthly is pleased to announce its exciting new award recognition program and publication aimed at recognising the invaluable contribution of legal professionals that work in the ADR sector and who help resolve often complex and emotionally charged disputes.

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